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Home and studio address:
Lars Berg
Plogvägen 21
646 34 Gnesta

Lars Berg

Born in Örebro, Sweden, 1951

Lives today in Gnesta, Södermanland, Sweden

The interest behind my artwork can be summarised by two concepts – mystery and playfulness. I want to reach something that has meaning for me in what emerges in a piece of work and I’m especially content when I meet existential grounds in myself or what can be seen as deeply humane, spiritual and in touch with nature and Universe.

My approach is to utilise a great portion of playfulness, with openness for what emerges in the working process.

The interplay of colours is central for me and the form is slowly emerging in a kind of dialogue between the image and my inner being, where my openness for what the material urges me to do controls the development of the painting, sculpture or whatever I’m working with.


Primary School för Artistic Training

Stockholm, Sweden

1972 – 1973

University of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack)

Stockholm, Sweden

1974 – 1979

City of Stockholm Artist Grant

Encouragement for talented artists

1982, 1988

Gnesta Culture Award 2007

Together with the group of artists who had  organised the Gnesta Art Tour for 7 years.

Public Works

“Wave Play”, Danderyd Hospital, Stockholm 1982

Acrylic painting on figure-sawn plywood


“Process”, Jakobsberg Hospital, Stockholm 1983

Egg tempera and Oil painting on figure-sawn plywood


“Wholeness”, Serafen Nursing Home, Stockholm 1985

Egg tempera and Oil painting on figure-sawn plywood


“Growth”, Edsvik Medical Secondary School, Stockholm 1986

Egg tempera and Oil painting on figure-sawn plywood and a mobile made of bamboo and textile.


“Divine Presence in Broken Time”, Gåsinge Church, Gnesta 2005

Wood sculpture, forged iron ring and fibre optics.


Selected solo exhibitions

1978 Kisa, Kinda Municipality. Älvdalen Municipality.
1979 Nyköping Art Association, Foyer of the City Hall, Nyköping.
1984 Gallery AE BOJ, Stockholm.
1986 2+2=6 PROJECT BABA, Strängnäs.
1994 The Creative Kilometer, Water Festival, Stock
1998 Gallery Bibb, Gröndal, Stockholm.
1999 Biokafé Tellus, Midsommarkransen, Stock
2000-2023 Gnesta Art Tour, Gnesta
2002 TreasureWinds Sirata, S:t Petersburg, Florida,
2005 Gnesta Gallery, Gnesta.

2014 Gallery Vindfång (Windfall), Nyköping.

2023 The NK Villa, Nyköping.


Selected Group Exhibitions

1973 Sörmland’s Annual Group Show (Juried), Södertälje Art Hall.
1975 Young Drawers, Annual Juried Show, National Art Museum, Stockholm.
1977 Spring Annual Group Show, Liljevalchs Art Hall, Stockholm.
1979 Sörmland’s Annual Group Show (juried), Eskilstuna Art Museum.
1981 Konstfrämjandet Art Organisation, Stockholm.
1996-1997 Gallery Bibb, Stockholm, 3 Theme exhibitions.
2003 ”Konst i kvadrat” (Art Squared), Gnesta Gallery, Gnesta.
2004 ”Sörmländsk höstsalong” (juried), Pelles Lusthus, Nyköping.
2005 ”Fem temperament i höstmörkret” (Five Temperamets in the Darkness of Autumn), Gallery Hagström, Stockholm.
2007 ”Vårsalongen” (juried), Pelles Lusthus, Nyköping.
2009 Gallery Panorama Art, Stockholm.
2016 ”Konstsalongen” (Art Group Show) (juried), Lagårn i Ullsta, Stjärnhov.
2019 ”Plein Air 2019”; a week of outdoor painting together with artists from Sweden, Russia och Estonia. Final exhibition at “Lagårn i Ullsta”.
2023 Ullsta Art Walk, Stjärnhov, Gnesta, with 27 other artists.

1973-2023 (50 years of Art exhibiting)


Lars Berg



Living In

Gnesta, Sweden